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The Wheelman is the manager of the entire vessel tow. The attitude they convey reflects directly on the company and should always be at the highest standard. Together with their crew, they are the primary link between Devall and the customer. A good crew with a caring Wheelman can overcome most obstacles at the terminals and leave a favorable impression. Wheelmans are encouraged to use their initiative, always keeping in mind the safety of the vessel and crew, and the general policies and procedures of the company.

To apply you will need a valid USCG license.

(Please fill in cities that apply. Example: From: Brownsville, TX To: Mobile, AL)

Give your business record for the past eight years beginning with last employer. If attending school, describe manner of occupying vacation time.

List three people who have not already been listed under your previous employment and are familiar with your qualifications

If you have an electronic format of your TWIC card, Drivers License, or your Merchant Mariner Credential, attach it below to include it with your application.

Maximum file size: 50 MB.
Maximum file size: 50 MB.
Maximum file size: 50 MB.
Maximum file size: 50 MB.

Complete this section if applying for deckhand, tankerman, or captain.

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The first step in this process is for you to complete the Predictive Index survey. This will only take about 2 minutes, but it will enable us to better understand how to manage you and give you more opportunities for growth within our organization. Once completed, DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER. You will be redirected back to this site for Step 2.


The second step is for you to complete the detailed job application that gives us more insights as to your background and qualifications. Once you've finished completing the job application, your information will be sent to us for further evaluation. YOUR APPLICATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED IF BOTH STEPS ARE NOT COMPLETED.

Fill out the form below, and you will be redirected to the Predictive Index survey. Both the survey and the job application must be completed before we can consider you for any position within our organization.

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